TOMRA: World leader in container recycling

Every year TOMRA reverse vending machines recognise, accept and process over 45 billion empty drink containers worldwide and in return give a 10c refund for each one.​

It’s part of a continuous process we call Clean Loop Recycling, so your containers get turned back into containers again – time after time.​ This in turn means fewer resources are used and less energy is wasted making brand new ones.

It also prevents container litter finding its way into landfill, or worse, ​into our rivers and our oceans.​ Think of it as buying the drink, and borrowing the container!​

TOMRA optical sorting technology is part of almost every container deposit scheme in Australia – including NSW, QLD, WA, and NT and we are proud to say we’ve collected over 11 BILLION containers since 2017. ​

And the best part? We all get a cleaner, happier planet as a result of it.​ So when we say we’re passionate about saving our planet one container at a time – we really mean it!​

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  • TOMRA Collection Australia
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Your Container Deposit Scheme

What’s Eligible?

Most beverage containers (larger than 150ml and smaller than 3L) that are made from aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard are eligible for a 10c refund when returned to a TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine.

Do not crush your containers or remove the labels as our scanners will need to identify the shape, label and barcode to register your refund.

Eligible containers:

  • Eligible Containers
  • Aluminium Cans - Eligible
  • Glass Bottles - Eligible
  • Plastic Bottles - Eligible
  • Paperboard Cartons - Eligible

Ineligible containers:

  • Ineligible Containers
  • Fruit Juice Cartons - Ineligible
  • Cordial Bottles - Ineligible
  • Wine and Spirit Bottles - Inelligible
  • Milk Containers - Ineligible

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