You can raise funds for your cause while helping the environment, encourage the community to recycle, and help the transition to a circular economy

Over 700 not-for-profit organisations, schools, sports clubs, community groups and charities have benefited from fundraising through the recycling of drink containers through their state’s Container Deposit Schemes using TOMRA’s unique technology.

So far, NSW, NT, QLD, and WA charities and community groups partnering with TOMRA have raised over $2M through our reverse vending technology.

App Donation Partner

App Donation Partner

You can raise funds from supporters all across NSW just by registering on the Return and Earn App. 

On-Screen Donation Partner

On-Screen Donation Partner

If selected, you could be raising funds from new supporters either locally or across NSW, just by applying to be an on-screen donation partner. It’s free and you could be reaching over 45,000 recyclers every week!

Major Recycling Appeals

Major Recycling Appeals

We run major charity appeals to help recyclers to support their favourite causes. 

Bottle and Can Drives

Bottle and Can Drives

You can raise funds for your cause while helping the environment, encourage the community to recycle and help transition to a circular economy. 

Become an App donation partner!

Benefit from receiving donations from ANY Reverse Vending Machines located across the state simply by being listed on the Return and Earn App. With no upfront costs, no ongoing overhead, this digital fundraising tool gives you the unique opportunity to access a network of more than 150,000 App users and potential donors.

The “Charity” App functionality offers a unique level of transparency, allowing the App user to see which program the funds are being allocated to and learn more about your organisation. The “live status” feature shows “in real time” the amount raised, keeping both your organisation and the donors up-to-date with the fundraising campaign. The app functionality also allows App users to receive their tax deductible receipts directly to their email address.

Become an on-screen donation partner!

TOMRA Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) enable recyclers to donate their drink container refund(s) to one of up to four donation partners listed on the screens.

Without upfront costs and no ongoing charges, it gives you access to a large network of potential donors. Not only can you raise precious funds and further raise your profile in your community but receiving donations directly from the listing on our screens is an easy way for volunteers, supporters and generous recyclers to participate and give back to the community, while helping the environment.

Major Charity Appeals

Community Fundraising Bottle and Can Drives

Also called ‘The new sausage sizzle”

A wide range of community groups proactively engages their volunteers and supporters to draw out as many drink containers as possible that they then return to their local machine or collection point to cash in the refunds.

These are then returned to a collection point, and the resulting funds are channelled back into important community programs that make their communities a better place to live by funding important programs, from drought assistance & fire relief projects to food relief in-school programs and a wide range of other vital community initiatives.

The level of funds being raised through “Bottle & Can drives” or “donation bins” by these community groups is not accurately measurable. It is estimated to be in the millions of dollars since the scheme started in December 2017.

What our charity partners are saying:

The online registration and set-up was extremely simple and we were up and running in no time. Not only is the app enhancing our income but it also promotes recycling and litter reduction in our local community.
Richard Lorde, Top Dog, Assistance Dogs Australia
I found the myTOMRA app VERY easy to download and use. I like the fact that minimal steps were involved in registering. High praise from someone whose skills in the digital age are not great.
Louise Webb, RSPCA Eurobodalla
The concept is so simple yet so powerful and the first of its kind. We’re seeing healthy kids collecting and returning to support sick kids and their families as well as the environment. With the support of TOMRA and Cleanaway and the help of the community, Starlight can continue to bring happiness to sick kids when they need it most.
Louise Baxter, Starlight Children’s Foundation
It’s fantastic to see the support we’re getting from the NSW community. Not only is this opportunity making a big difference for our local cancer sufferers, but it’s also supporting recycling in the broader community. Big thanks to TOMRA for a comprehensive and simple digital fundraising platform, the registration was quick, and we love seeing the progress of our donations in real time. Fundraising through the App has been working very well for us!
Katie Barnes, Lions Club of Manilla
This is a fantastic initiative, and we encourage and welcome all other Not-For-Profits getting on board. In fact, we have suggested as much to those who have frequented our base to understand more about who we are and what we do. Our members are proud to be volunteers supporting Marine Rescue’s mission of saving lives on the water, with support for this initiative only adding to that sense of pride. This is a win-win initiative with no losers.
Marg Chu, Marine Rescue Sydney
It’s the most amazing fundraiser! It’s easy, we’re doing our bits for the environment and all money raised stays local and is provided confidentially and without means testing. It’s just been amazing the way people in Orange have responded. We are amazed how well the program is going and most grateful for the money raised.
Helen Corby, Can Assist Orange
During COVID-19 restrictions, container returns has made a huge difference. I can’t emphasise enough how grateful we are to TOMRA for supporting us in our fundraising activity.
Chris Penn, Ballina Hospital Auxiliary