Want to receive your recycling refunds digitally?

You can receive your WA Containers For Change refund from our Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) directly into your bank account or PayPal account. You can either use your scheme ID barcode for digital payments and donations or receive a cash voucher (no sign up necessary).

How to get your digital refund

1. Register for Scheme ID

2. Get your barcode

3. Scan and return

4. Receive your refund

Visit the Containers For Change website to sign up.

From your confirmation email, save your scheme ID barcode to your mobile wallet.

Scan your barcode at any RVM before returning containers.

You will instantly receive an email confirmation. Your refund will be transferred to your nominated bank or PayPal account within 1 business day.

How to get your scheme ID

Visit the Containers For Change website and select your region to get started.

Sign up for a scheme ID and get your barcode sent to you via email after registering.

Make sure you save your barcode in a safe place. You can either take a screenshot, save it to your digital wallet or even print it (as long as the barcode is visible, it will work).

WA Scheme ID FAQs

Signing up is easy! Head to the Containers for Change website, simply click ‘Sign up’ and follow the instructions to enter your bank account details and/or link to your PayPal.

When returning at the RVM, you must have the barcode linked to your scheme ID. This can be found in the Containers for Change app with a handy shortcut on the bottom menu or via the digital wallet in your confirmation email.

If you are using the bag drop, you do not need to have a barcode. You will need to type the number of your scheme ID into the tablet in order to print off the bag tags.

To receive your refund directly into your bank account or to your PayPal account, you can use your scheme ID barcode at the RVMs. Scan your barcode before you begin returning your containers and you will see a confirmation message on the screen of the machine.

Return all of your containers and once you are done, click ‘Transfer.’ Your refund will be paid to your selected bank or PayPal account and the funds will take up to one business day to be transferred.

The Containers for Change app is only available in Queensland. Please use the website to obtain your Scheme ID barcode.

All queries relating to your scheme ID are to go to Containers for Change directly at 13 42 42 or enquiries@containersforchange.com.au

Please reach out to the charity directly to ask for their scheme ID barcode. Once you have their scheme ID barcode, you can save it as an image on your phone or you can print and keep a hard copy in your wallet to scan at any RVM across all our Recycling Centres.

Please get in contact with the charity directly to request a receipt for your donation. Note that only charities endorsed by the Australian Tax Office (Deductible Gift Recipient endorsement) can issue a tax-deductible receipt. If you have more questions about your tax-deductible receipt, please send your enquiry to enquiries@containersforchange.com.au or call 13 42 42.

As the refund is transferred directly to the charity, the email confirmation will be sent to the email address connected to the scheme ID barcode scanned at the RVM.

If your favourite charity or cause isn’t listed then maybe they’re not registered with the Containers for Change scheme. We suggest you send them an email to let them know they could be raising funds with Containers for Chang

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