Buy-A-Bale Drought Appeal

TOMRA is proud to support our farmers in their time of need

With over 99% of NSW now officially in drought and 15% in severe drought, our farmers are suffering extreme hardship. They face a daily battle to feed their livestock and their families as the drought steadily worsens.  As a result, TOMRA is partnering with Buy-a-Bale to help raise much needed funds for feed, water and fuel – and we need your help.  All you have to do is take the Buy-a-Bale barcode and your containers to any Return and Earn machine and follow the steps below. Every container counts!

Buy a Bale Donation Barcode

Save the barcode image to your phone, or print it off, to use it at any Return and Earn Reverse Vending Machine.


1) Take this barcode image to any Return and Earn machine
2) BEFORE you insert any containers, scan the barcode under the scanner
3) Check the words “Buy a Bale” are confirmed on the screen – you’ll also hear an audible “beep”
4) Return your containers.
5) Press the yellow “Paypal” button on the screen to complete your contribution. Do not press the "Donate" button in this case.

Note: Your session can time out if you take too long between containers. If your session times out, and the total on the screen resets to zero, don’t worry, as your container refund has automatically gone to Buy a Bale. To continue donating, you must re-scan your barcode before returning more containers.

Even a small amount makes a difference:

-20 containers = 1L of diesel
-200 containers = 1 bale of hay
-600 containers = feed a farmer and their family
-1100 containers = 1 large bale of hay

To find your nearest Return and Earn Machine, visit