Want to receive your recycling refunds digitally? The free myTOMRA app gives fast, secure and convenient payout of your container deposit by connecting to your registered PayPal account.  

How to create a myTOMRA profile

How to create a myTOMRA profile

1. Download the myTOMRA app from iTunes App Store or Google Play (or visit

2. Click “Register” to create a myTOMRA profile using your email address. (Alternatively, you can log in using your existing PayPal account.)

3. Connect your myTOMRA profile to your existing PayPal account (or create a PayPal account) to receive your recycling refunds digitally.

How to use myTOMRA at a reverse vending machine

How to use the myTOMRA App at a reverse vending machine

You can use myTOMRA at any reverse vending machine in New South Wales. Find your closest location

1. Scan your personal myTOMRA app barcode at the reverse vending machine. You will see your name on the machine screen. 

2. Return your empties for recycling.

3. When you are finished, tap the PayPal button on the reverse vending machine screen. Your recycling refunds will be available in your myTOMRA profile, or in your PayPal account if you have added PayPal.

How to use the Live Status Update feature

1. Open the myTOMRA app on your phone, laptop or tablet - make sure you're logged in.

2. Select the Locations tab - this will take you to the map.

3. Select the map marker for your preferred RVM - this will bring up the live status screen.

4. There you can view the real-time status of the Glass and Lightweight lanes. Lanes are colour coded; green for open, amber for almost full, red for temporarily unavailable, and black for when the kiosk is outside of operational hours. 

myLOCATION image

How to use the myLOCATION feature

1. Open the Locations tab and browse the map for your preferred location and select the map marker for your desired RVM.

2. Select the blue heart icon on the top right corner of the status screen to mark this location as "myLOCATION".

3. Select the Profile tab, where you can view the status of your selected RVM. Select the header to expand and see more details.

4. This way, every time you log into the myTOMRA app, you can quickly view the live status of your preferred Reverse Vending Machine without having to scroll through the entire map.