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Inspirational Videos

Looking to be energised? Check out some of our inspirational videos, sure to spark your curiosity and ignite your imagination. Recycling is more than just material recovery, it provides hope for a better future using a combination of people power and clever technology, and all focused on keeping our environment clean and pristine.
Journey of a Bottle

Ever wondered what happens to your bottles when you put them in an RVM? Do they actually get recycled,and if so, how? Check out the full Journey of a Bottle – the full life cycle from recycling right back to purchase.

The Cleanest Loop

At TOMRA, we’re reimagining recycling to make it better, in a process we call The Cleanest Loop. When you recycle a container with TOMRA, it gets given a new life as another container. This ensures we use less energy and materials to ensure we waste less.


Our vision is to clean up and protect the environment by recycling; it’s inspiring, empowering and enabling others to actively do the right thing and work towards a Life Without Litter.

TOMRA Presents Series

The TOMRA Presents series highlights inspirational people and groups in the community who are taking positive actions toward helping the environment. From Marina DeBris and her environmental art to Pete Ceglinki’s Seabin initiative, and more, there will surely be a story here to astound and inspire. 
Marina DeBris – Artivist
Sydney Harbour Above and Below
The Seabin Project

Eco-warrior. Activist. Artist. Inspiration. Marina DeBris is determined to send a message – that the litter we leave is on us. Marina picks up pieces of litter from the beach and uses those items to create Trashion (trash-based fashion).

Our iconic Sydney Harbour is a beautiful location, but beneath the surface, it’s a different story! 70% of all debris sinks to the ocean floor and 2/3 of pollution into Sydney Harbour comes from stormwater run-off. Take a look above and below.

The story of Pete, an Ecopreneur, and a unique Aussie invention cleaning the harbours and protecting our oceans. The Seabin, like Pete, is a quiet achiever, just plugging away, protecting our environment and keeping our waterways clean.

Take 3 for The Sea
eXXpedition 2018
Addison Road Community Centre
Kane Durrant – Clean Up The Wild

Take 3 for the Sea – the inspirational story of Roberta Dixon-Valk, Amanda Marechal, and Tim Silverwood – and how they created a simple pollution solution that took the world by storm.

We follow the all-female eXXpedition crew on their sailing journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the centre of earth’s largest oceanic gyre. It’s the biggest concentration of ocean plastic on the planet – these 14 women sailed 3000 miles to study the devastating impacts of single-use plastic in our oceans.

Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville. A safe haven in the community, the centre has a wide range of support services and local initiatives. Check out some of their wonderful work.

The wonderful story of Kane Durrant, his family, and his organisation – Clean Up The Wild – and how they have contributed to keeping Australia clean and healthy.


Join Laura Wells as she provides some great tips on how to best get your Container Deposit Scheme refund.
Note: Some tips reference the myTOMRA App, which has been replaced in NSW with the Return and Earn app.
Tip #1 – Digital Refund
Tip #2 – Crushing Cans?
Tip #3 – Home Prep
Tip #4 – How to scan your barcode

You can get your Return and Earn refund as an E-voucher, or transferred to your Bank or PayPal account, with the Return and Earn App. You can also donate your digital refund to charity.

While some crushed containers will go through an RVM, some will not. Laura Wells explains why that is, and how you can help to recycle them through Return and Earn.

How do you organise your waste and recycling? Laura Wells shows us how to sort your trash at home.

If you need help scanning your Return and Earn app barcode to scan at a RVM, Laura Wells has a couple of tips to help you out.

Tip #5 – Live Status
Tip #6 – Lightweight vs Glass
Tip #7 – What’s Eligible

Want to see the Live Status of your nearest Return and Earn RVM? You can check the Return and Earn App to see its availability, opening times, address and more – Laura Wells shows how.

What is the difference between lightweight and glass materials? Laura Wells takes us through what each of these mean for your recycling.

Ever wondered which types of cans, milk and juice are eligible for a 10c refund through Return and Earn? Laura Wells takes you through what will work and what you can recycle at home instead.

How to videos

Looking to get your Recycling Refund easily? We have some helpful video guides to ensure that you’re a recycling expert the next time you return your containers. Check them out!
How to use an RVM in NSW
Return and Earn Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are easy to use, you just simply walk up and insert your first container to begin your session. An RVM can provide you with a refund in 3 ways:
  1. As a voucher to be taken to a nominated redemption partner for cash or discounts
  2. As a digital refund directly into your PayPal/Bank account
  3. As a direct donation to a nominated charity – 100% of the refund goes to the charity selected
How to return containers in QLD

We’re proud to be part of the Containers For Change scheme in QLD. We’ve brought 10 modern Recycling Centres and 12 Reverse Vending Machines to Queensland so you can get a 10c refund for your eligible containers. We have return points across Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Toowoomba making us your local recycling centre.

How to return containers in WA

We’re excited about the launch of the Containers For Change scheme in WA. We’ve brought modern Recycling Centres and Reverse Vending Centres to Western Australia so you can get a 10c refund for your eligible containers. With locations in Osborne Park, Kelmscott, Myaree, Joondalup, Banksia Grove, Forrestdale, and Belmont, we’re your local return point.

Charity Appeals

We’re proud to have supported many charities throughout our history in Australia, each one supporting worthy causes. We’ve worked with charities such as Rural Aid, WWF Australia, Starlight Children’s Foundation, and OzHarvest, just to name a few and we will continue to show support where we can to Aussies in need.
Bottles for the Bush
Containers 4 Kids
Bottles Can Change Lives
Cans 4 Koalas

In 2019, our farmers faced the worst drought and the most dangerous bushfires in living memory. Recyclers donated their containers to raise over $500,000 for Rural Aid to support our farmers and rural communities in need.

The Containers4Kids appeal aimed to help Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia to brighten the lives of sick kids. Recyclers could donate their drink container refunds at TOMRA Recycling Centre Australia-wide. The appeal raised $122,540 for Starlight, brightening the lives of sick kids and their families.

We were proud to partner with OzHarvest, The Salvation Army and Beyond Blue. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, members of our community are asking these charities for support – in some cases, demand for their vital services had rose by up to 60% – but their fundraising had plummeted. Recyclers raised over $288,240 for the three charities, helping those in need.

With the 2019 bushfires, it’s was estimated that over 1.25 billion animals have been killed across Australia. Koalas have been devastated. Recyclers banded together to raise $250,000 for the Cans For Koalas appeal with all funds going to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund.

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