New Tip’N’Go machine launched in Crestmead, QLD

Crestmead locals are now be able to experience a revolutionary new super-convenient way to recycle, with the launch of TOMRA’s new Tip ‘n’ Go machine. As part of the state’s Containers for Change recycling scheme, the machine will be the first of its kind in Australia, and just the second of its kind globally following a trial in New York State.

The Tip n’ Go machine is located at TOMRA’s Crestmead Recycling Centre, and is set to make container recycling quicker and more convenient than ever. The design allows users to return all of their eligible drink containers in bulk in just seconds – by simply tipping them all into a feeder chute at once, rather than feeding them into a reverse vending machine one at a time. Plus containers don’t need to be sorted into glass or plastics, cans & cartons either as the new Tip ‘n’ Go machine accepts all types of eligible drink containers at once.

Vice President of Operations, Garth Graves said, “We are delighted to be launching Australia’s very first Tip ‘n’ Go machine here at Crestmead. It is also a great success for the Containers for Change scheme to be hosting only the second Tip ‘n’ Go machine like this in the world. This revolutionary, new technology will greatly increase the speed and convenience of container recycling at TOMRA and removes the need for anyone to handle their containers during the recycling process. We hope this super-convenient, state-of-the-art experience will encourage more of the community to get involved with the scheme and visit our Recycling Centre at Crestmead.”

The Containers for Change scheme allows locals to return their containers through reverse vending machines for a 10-cent refund. Recyclers simply insert their empty bottles into the machine which automatically recognises and counts glass, plastic, cans and cartons for recycling. Customers then choose between a cash refund, donating to a cause or a direct digital transfer to PayPal or into their bank account via their Containers for Change Member number.

Recyclers can also choose to donate some or all of their refund to one of the participating Containers for Change charities, via their scheme ID barcode – with 100 per cent of the refunds donated going directly to the chosen organisation.

“By visiting a Containers for Change return point, in combination with your household recycling collection, we can all do our bit to reduce the millions of containers that are littered in our environment each year, while also being rewarded for our efforts,” continued Graves.

TOMRA’s Crestmead Recycling Centre, which opened in October 2018 as an operator to the Containers for Change Scheme, is a state-of-the-art return point boasting 9 fully functional Reverse Vending Machine’s (RVMs) to provide users with a fast, convenient way to recycle their bottles and containers. The Crestmead recycling centre is located at 67-69 Rai Drive, Crestmead and is open Monday to Sunday from 7am to 5pm.

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