Over the past 2 centuries, Australia has lost more animals than any other continent. We continue to have the highest rates of animal decline among developed countries.

Australia has the worst rate of mammal extinction of any developed country, and the trend if anything is getting worse. More than 500 Australian animals are listed as “threatened” (including over 1 out of 5 land mammals). In addition, it is estimated that every 30 seconds, on average, an ocean animal is killed by plastic pollution.

Our animals are vanishing before our eyes, and we need to act now. It’s urgent. Protecting and restoring habitat is critical to save our endangered animals, both on land and in our oceans.

Together with Return and Earn and Containers for Change in QLD & WA, we’ve partnered with the Australian Marine Conservation Society and Bush Heritage Australia to help ensure the survival of Australia’s native species for generations. Simply donate some or all of your containers at a TOMRA reverse vending machine in NSW (Return and Earn), QLD, WA, or NT.

How do I donate my 10c refund to the appeal?

You can help protect our planet by donating your drink container refund(s) to your local Return and Earn machine in NSW, Containers for Change TOMRA Recycling Centres in QLD, WA, or at TOMRA Coconut Grove in Darwin, NT.


You can donate your 10c refund by selecting one of these charities as your payout method via the Return and Earn App (NSW). Simply scan your app barcode at the Reverse Vending Machine before starting your session, insert your containers, and select Transfer and he charity will receive the refund.


To donate, download the Protect Our Planet scheme ID barcode or take a photo, and scan it at any TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine across Queensland and Western Australia.
Bush Heritage Barcode | Australian Marine Conservation Society Barcode

  • Bottle being placed into NSW Return and Earn Reverse Vending Machine

Your 10c refund is helping protect our endangered animals

100% of the 10c refund donated goes to the charity you select and all the funds raised will help protect our land, our oceans and stop the journey of more animals heading towards extinction.

Your donations are helping our endangered animals
Containers kept out of the environment

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