Inspire The Recyclers of Tomorrow!

TOMRA School Tours are a great way to teach kids about recycling!

Each of our Recycling Centres across QLD, WA, and NT are available for School Tours.

  • Learn about TOMRA’s ‘Clean Loop Recycling’ process and the container deposit scheme
  • Get hands-on, returning containers at our Reverse Vending Machines
  • Learn about how the machine recognises eligible containers in a fraction of a second
  • Go behind the scenes to learn how our tech sorts the drink containers by material type
  • Find out what drink containers are eligible for a 10c refund
  • Discover why it makes a difference to recycle containers at a recycling centre
  • Interactive discussion on the environmental and financial benefits of recycling including tips on what the 10c refund could be put towards
  • Hi-Vis vests and safety gear provided
  • Every student receives a free collection bag to kickstart their recycling journey

All tours are free, and bookings are essential!

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Yes absolutely. At TOMRA we take Health & Safety very seriously and we need to make sure our Recycling Centres provide a safe and comfortable environment for visitors, including students, parents and teachers. The duty of care is the responsibility of the visiting organisation, school and its teachers while on excursion at TOMRA Recycling Centres. You will be sent a Risk Assessment report for you to sign. Please also provide us with details of any special needs or concerns you may have prior to confirming your booking.

Each of your students will need to sign a permission slip to attend a school tour.

Each student must bring a bag with a few eligible drink containers (lightweights only) to try the Reverse Vending Machines.

TOMRA School Tours are FREE! No need to collect dollar coins from parents, just ensure you provide transport on the day.