Tip ‘n’ Go Recycling has arrived at TOMRA!

Try the Tip ‘n’ Go, now at TOMRA Recycling Centres

Discover the ease of recycling with the new Tip ‘n’ Go robot at the Salisbury and Geebung TOMRA Recycling Centers. This innovative machine makes returning your bottles and cans quicker and more convenient than ever, perfect for getting your Containers for Change refund.

How the Tip ‘n’ Go Works:

  1. Tip All Containers: Pour your bottles and cans into the robot’s mouth.
  2. Press Start: Hit the ‘start’ button and watch the process on the TV screen as the machine sorts your containers.
  3. Finish Up: After you have tipped in all your containers, press the ‘finish’ button. Your voucher will print once all your containers have been processed in the back of house.
  4. Collect Rejected Items: Retrieve any ineligible containers from the orange reject robot and recycle them in your yellow bin at home.
  5. Get Your Refund: Collect your 10c refund voucher, redeemable at Woolworths for cash at the service desk or as a grocery discount.

This new service streamlines the recycling process, ensuring you get cash for your cans effortlessly. By year-end, expect the Tip ‘n’ Go robot to be available at 10 Recycling Centers across Queensland, with West End and Crestmead up next.

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About Containers for Change and TOMRA Return Points

Containers for Change is Queensland’s container refund scheme with the aim of reducing litter and increasing recycling efforts across the state. The program incentivises individuals and businesses to collect and return eligible containers in exchange for a 10c refund per item.

To make the most of the Containers for Change program, find a convenient TOMRA Return Point near you. TOMRA offers standalone Reverse Vending Kiosks and full-service Recycling Centres to make recycling easy and accessible.

Most beverage containers (larger than 150ml and smaller than 3L) that are made from aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard are eligible for a 10c refund when returned to a TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine. In QLD, glass wine and spirit bottles are also eligible.

Do not crush your containers or remove the labels as our scanners will need to identify the shape, label and barcode to register your refund.

TOMRA Return Point Types

Recycling Centers: For those with larger quantities of containers, TOMRA Recycling Centers provide full-service facilities, including the new Tip ‘n’ Go robots. Tip all your containers into the machine, and let it handle the sorting and processing while you relax and watch on the TV screen.

Reverse Vending Kiosks: Located at various convenient spots, these kiosks allow you to insert eligible containers individually to receive your refund vouchers instantly. Perfect for quick and easy returns.

Key Benefits of Using TOMRA Return Points​

Convenience: Multiple locations ensure that there is always a recycling option nearby, whether you prefer using a kiosk or a center.

Efficiency: Advanced technology like the Tip ‘n’ Go robot speeds up the recycling process, saving you time.

Environmental Impact: Every container returned helps reduce litter and promotes a cleaner environment.

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