TOMRA Express Bag Drop – Recycle your containers in under 5 minutes!

With only 3 weeks until the end of this year we understand that there’s still a lot of things on your to do list. Now in under 5 minutes, you can help the environment and earn a couple of extra bucks by recycling your bottles and cans with TOMRA Express Bag Drop.

So, how does it work ?

First of all, you need to find your most conveniently located TOMRA recycling centre – check our map to find your nearest Recycling Centre. Once you arrive at your local TOMRA, just drive up, drop off your containers and our friendly staff will do the rest. It’s that easy!

You’ll be in and out in 5 minutes, so give it a try!

Sign up for a Containers for Change Scheme ID

In order to use the Express Bag Drop service you will need to create a Containers for Change Scheme ID. You can do this beforehand to save time, or you can ask our staff for assistance if you have any questions.

A scheme ID is a great way to track the change you’re making. Provide your scheme ID barcode via your digital wallet or app and your refund will go directly into your preferred account - whether that’s your bank account, PayPal account, or favourite charity cause.

Visit the Containers for Change website to sign up for a Scheme ID.

Do I have to use a bag to use Bag Drop? 

Absolutely not! You can use whatever vessel is most convenient for you. We do recommend using reusable tubs, baskets and bags where possible. Don’t have a reusable bag? Ask one of the friendly TOMRA staff for a free reusable bag that is made from recycled materials.  

When will you receive your refund?

Your full refund will be transferred into your nominated account within 1 business day, but usually within the hour!

Have any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask our friendly staff on site. Happy Recycling!

Express Bag Drop – Bag It, Drop It, Profit

We’re all looking for ways to make life simpler, chores quicker and money go a little further. Now at TOMRA Recycling Centres you can return your bottles and cans faster and easier with Express Bag Drop! Just drive up, drop off your drink containers and our friendly staff will do the rest. You’ll be in and out in under 5 mins. Easy as!

Step 1

Bring your containers to our Express Bag Drop area – located at the roller door.

Step 2

Type your scheme ID number into our tablet. Our friendly team will assist you.

Step 3

We will empty your containers into a bin and process them within 48 hours (usually within the hour!)

Step 4

Your refund will be in your account within 1 business day after processing

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