Your Return and Earn Refund is helping Animals in Need!

So far, Return and Earn recyclers have raised over $75,000 for Animal Welfare League, a local NSW charity that rehabilitates, rescues and rehomes animals in need. This $75,000 has helped provide vaccinations for over 5,000 rescued cats and over 2,100 rescued dogs, helping them from contracting preventable diseases. You can continue to help rescue cats and dogs in need by donating your Return and Earn refund. 

Not only has the $75,000 helped animals in need, but it also means that 750,000 containers have been responsibly recycled, rather than being added to landfill or littered in the community.  

Your donation has helped kittens like B’elanna 

B’elanna first came into the care of Animal Welfare League when she was just 1 week old. After going straight into foster care, B’elanna’s carer noticed she was extremely lethargic compared to the other kittens so she was taken back to the vet for a check-up. X-rays and ultrasounds revealed that B’elanna’s kidney was 5 times bigger than it should have been! After weeks of antibiotic treatment, the little kitten underwent surgery to remove her kidney. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and B’elanna is now a happy and lively kitten! 

After she had made a full recovery, she was adopted by a loving family.  

“You wouldn’t know she’d had her kidney removed. She is a typical, crazy kitten, and she loves to snuggle.”  

– B’elanna’s new family

B’elanna’s full recovery wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions made by the NSW community.  To help more animals like B’elanna, donate your next container refund at any Return and Earn recycling centre or kiosk.  It’s easy! 

  1. Bring your eligible bottles and cansto a Return and Earn vending machine. Find your local return point here 
  2. Insert your containers into the machine. 
  3. Press ‘DONATE’ on the screen and select Animal Welfare League NSW. 

100% of your refund will help the many animals that come into Animal Welfare League’s care. Visit a Return and Earn recycling point today to donate your refund! 

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