Youth Off The Streets joins forces with Return and Earn to help fight youth homelessness

The 2021 Census results found that almost 25 per cent of all Australians experiencing homelessness are children and young people aged between 12 and 24. Nearly 40,000 young people are homeless or at risk of homelessness on any given night. The cost-of-living crisis and skyrocketing rents are also hitting them hard: more and more vulnerable young people sleep in garages, cars, or on a mattress on the floor with their friends.

You can help transform the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people in our community simply by donating some of your 10c bottles and cans. Visit your local Return and Earn machine and help us raise $100,000 for Youth Off The Streets. Those funds would support up to 1,000 homeless and vulnerable young people in NSW with crisis accommodation and access to caseworkers.

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How do I donate my 10c refund to the appeal?

You can help keep young people off the streets by donating your drink container refund(s) to your local Return and Earn machine in NSW.

Press ‘DONATE’ and select Youth Off The Streets on the touch screen. You can also donate your 10c refund by selecting the charity as your payout method via the Return and Earn App (NSW). Simply set Youth Off The Streets as your payout method, scan your barcode, and insert your containers – select Transfer at the end to donate your refund.

100% of the refunds donated will go to Youth Off The Streets and help them provide a range of homelessness and housing support services to homeless and vulnerable young people across New South Wales.

About Youth Off The Streets

Youth Off The Streets exists because every child and young person deserves a safe and stable place to call home.

Youth Off The Streets works with young people, their families and communities to create safety, offer support and provide pathways to a positive future. They focus on strengths-based strategies that empower young people and strengthen our communities.

Youth Off The Streets provide a range of homelessness and housing support services that are critical to breaking cycles of homelessness, poverty, substance misuse and poor mental health.

Support homeless and vulnerable young people in our community

100& of the refunds you donate goes to Youth Off The Streets.

Your donations are helping support homeless and vulnerable young people in our community
Containers kept out of the environment


Ben’s Story

Ben experienced neglect and violence at home and ended up homeless at the age of 14, sleeping on friends’ couches and in alleyways. He dropped out of school and used drugs to cope.

He came across Youth Off The Streets at a BBQ they were holding at a local park and was connected to practical support services, including counselling sessions to help him deal with his trauma. Ben was also supported through his drug and alcohol issues.

He started at Key College, one of Youth Off The Streets’ independent schools that offers alternative education programs for young people who are disconnected from mainstream education.

He built up his living skills by learning how to cook and write a resume. He now works at a local supermarket and is living by himself in transitional accommodation.

Ellie’s Story

Ellie grew up with domestic violence in the home. After her mother died, she was kicked out of home and stopped attending school.

The Street Walk Program Manager found Ellie in a park. He offered her a hot meal and a safe place to sleep at one of the Youth Off The Streets refuges. Ellie stayed for three months and was connected with a psychologist.

She returned to school at one of the Youth Off The Street independent high schools, and is now graduating with a bright future.

“Youth Off The Streets was there at my absolute lowest. I felt safe, cared for and supported. I belonged, and to me, that’s home.”